An Ultimate Guide To Buy a Best Lacrosse Shaft of 2019

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Lacrosse Shaft

If you love to play lacrosse and looking forward to bring quick improvements in your playing skills, then you need to get the right shaft. A lacrosse shaft that you use plays a very significant role in your game. A high-quality lacrosse shaft or stick will increase your speed and power. 

But choosing a proper lacrosse stick according to your body requires adequate understanding. If you are a beginner player, then you need proper guidance in selecting the right lacrosse shaft. 

A lacrosse stick includes two separate parts which are the head and a shaft. The head part is used to catch the ball, and the shaft is used to handle in hand. Along with a proper lacrosse shaft, you also need some other protection accessories such as a helmet and gloves. The most commonly used materials for making a lacrosse shaft are an aluminum alloy, titanium, composite, and scandium. 

 In this guide, we are reviewing the top lacrosse shafts of 2019 available in the market.

3 Most Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing a Lacrosse Shaft

In this guide, we are giving you the exact idea about the different shafts so that you can choose the best one according to your preferences. There are different shafts, and all of them created for the specific needs of the different types of players. Once you understand the specifications of various lacrosse rebounder sticks, then you can choose the best one according to your preferences.

Length of Different Lacrosse Shafts 

What position are you playing?

The selection of right lacrosse shafts depends a lot on your position. If you are among middies and attackers, then you can use the lax shaft. However, for defensemen, it is best to use a long pole shaft. The length of optimal middies and attacker shaft is 30” and of long poles are 60” long.

Attack and Middie Lacrosse Shafts

Your lacrosse-playing skills determine the lacrosse attack and middie shaft length. You could be playing youth lacrosse or NCAA lacrosse. When you are playing at the high school level, then your shaft length should be 30 to 32 inches longs. 

Defensive Lacrosse Shafts

Defensive lacrosse shafts are always the longest ones among other types of shafts available. The optimal length of a lacrosse shaft is between 42 to 60 inches. This length is perfect for a defensive lacrosse shaft used for both high school and college lacrosse.

Goalie Lacrosse Shafts

The optimal length of a goalie lacrosse shaft is between 40 to 52 inches longs. This specified length lies between the range of attack and defensive lacrosse shafts.

What Shape, Grip & Style Do You Prefer?

The shape, style, and grip of a lacrosse shaft are also essential in improving the quality of your game. 

Lacrosse shafts are available in numerous different shapes, styles, and textures. Moreover, shafts are made in four varied materials to provide better grip and to handle the players. Most commonly used materials for providing better grip are scandium, carbon fiber, and titanium. When you try various shafts made from different materials, then you will feel the difference between their hold and grip. It is best to choose a lacrosse shaft that can offer both grip and flex. The shaft that comes with grit or sandpaper coating on them prevents slippage. Some shafts provide a slick grip that gives a quite stickier feel. Thus, it is essential to choose a lacrosse shaft that offers the right grip without ant slip feel.

Lacrosse Shaft Materials

Manufacturers use different materials to make lacrosse shafts. Traditionally, many manufacturers use wooden material to make lacrosse shafts but not used in the current time. These days most of the shafts are designed with the use of advanced technologies. Many big brands such as Warrior, STX, Epoch, and Brine Shafts made lacrosse shafts from titanium, scandium, and carbon fiber. Moreover, shafts made from these materials are lightweight and offers better grip.

Best Attack Lacrosse Shaft

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shafts

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This latest version of lacrosse shaft made by East Coast is much better and improved one than their other previous designs. This lacrosse shaft comes in a different shape than octagonal. However, despite having octagonal shape, its all dimensions are the same, but some sides are narrower than others. Players will get the tight grip of this shaft made with high-quality material.

Moreover, this shaft also offers sandpaper grip that will ensure you get a very secure hold while playing with this shaft. Premium quality carbon material used in making the shaft makes it suitable for any weather condition. Moreover, this is a very lightweight shaft as it is made to REACT and FLEX8 technology. The lightweight of the shaft ensures you will get great flexibility in your game. However, this eccentric shaft is available at a premium price. 

Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Attacker Lacrosse Shaft 

Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Attacker Lacrosse Shaft
  • Platinum Grade construction; @x stronger than standard aluminum alloy
  • Zonal grip - raised in key areas from the bottom of the shaft up
  • Ideal for those looking for extra grip, not extra tape

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This Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Attacker is an incredible youth lacrosse shaft. The platinum alloy used in making this shaft makes it a highly durable product. Platinum alloy is much stronger material than the aluminum. The overall construction of this lacrosse shaft is highly sturdy and durable. This lacrosse shaft is the best shaft for the players of intermediate level. If you need to upgrade your shaft now, then it is the best option for you.

Moreover, this shaft is lightweight than other shafts, and it is 30 inches long. The lightweight ensures that you can easily use this shaft as an attacker stick, and it also offers a very secure grip. However, this shaft is available in only one color.

RipWood Solid Wood Attack Lacrosse Shaft

RipWood Solid Wood (Ash) Attack Lacrosse Shaft/Stick (Made by Hand in The USA) with Jimalax End Cap
  • Comes in a variety of colors, solid ash, fits all lacrosse head, 30 inches, legal for box and field for all levels

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This RipWood Solid Wood Attack Lacrosse Shaft is crafted by hand and made from Ashwood that makes it one of the best shafts available in the market.  The craftsmen have given detailed attention to every single detail of the incredible shaft. The stick is finely treated in heat and enriched with the fine finishing on the outer layer of the shaft. The craftsmen have also caramelized the shaft to offer a very smooth and shiny look. This coating on the outer layer of the shaft makes it very attractive.

Moreover, this fine coating is also very helpful in protecting the quality of the shaft for a longer time. You will surely feel more comfortable while playing with this shaft due to its smooth surface. This wood shaft is also available in a varied range if appearance. The available colors are red, ash, green, blue, and yellow. The length of this shaft is 30 inches, and it is best for a goalie.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick 

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 A/M Complete Stick
  • Complete stick only - includes new STX 6000 series alloy handle featuring tonal "memory marker" graphics
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS Rules
  • Inspired by the Elite stallion U 550 head and includes soft mesh stringing
  • Designed to help players develop proper fundamentals
  • Easy catching and ball control for all entry-level players

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This STX Lacrosse Stallion shaft is suitable for both attack and midfield players. That makes it a very high-quality product among all. It is ideal for the championship and high-level competitions. Moreover, this shaft is specifically designed to provide better control to the beginner players. The best thing is that this shaft is available at a very affordable priced and made with beginner-friendly design. The STX lacrosse shaft works like a high-end professional stick, but it is available at an affordable price. 

Warrior Junior Mako Lacrosse Stick

Warrior Mako Jr. - Youth Lacrosse Stick (Small Diameter Handle)
  • Downsized version of a lacrosse stick for youth play.
  • Shorter stick length at 37 1/2"
  • Smaller diameter handle to fit younger players.
  • Designed to accommodate young players who are not ready for adult sticks

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This Warrior Junior Mako lacrosse stick is designed mainly for the junior market. This striking stick is 37.5 inches long. This stick is perfectly suitable for beginner players as it offers large offset and large head. It is perfect for children of age 4 to 6 and highly recommended for the children if this age. This Warrior Junior Mako lacrosse stick is ideal for the regulation ball, but not suitable as a fiddlestick. However, this is not a regulation stick. 

Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick

Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete Stick, Chrome, 40"
  • The Next generation of complete sticks
  • The head features ez-scoop design for easy ground ball pickups
  • New graphics straight from the mind of all All-Star Paul rabil

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This Warrior Rabil Next 2 Complete stick is perfect for the beginner lacrosse players. However, this stick is not recommended to use for regulation competition. The length of this stick is 40.5,” and it is available in many different colors. Moreover, this stick also enriched with attractive graphics designs, which Paul Rabil designs all. The construction of this shaft is highly durable, that makes it perfect for clubs. Thus, it is a touch attack stick that is mostly used by professional club player. This stick will surely give you the best performance, and that makes it a perfect choice for club players. 

Warrior Epoch Dragonfly Defense Gen 7 C60Burn Diamond PRO Defense

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This Warrior Burn Pro manufactured from Krypto Pro Alloy material is a very lightweight shaft. This shaft will surely provide more strength to your hands when playing lacrosse. If you are an intermediate or advanced player, then this shaft is best for you. Moreover, it is available at a very economical price and offers excellent results. 

Epoch Dragonfly Defense Gen 7 C60

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This Epoch Dragonfly Defense Gen 7 C60 is an enormous shaft for attackman and defenders as well. This highly sturdy buy lightweight shaft has manufactured with the use of space-age technology and material. The perfect use of advanced space-age technology adds more durability to this ideal shaft. Moreover,100% carbon fiber material used in the manufacturing of this shaft makes it more durable. Thus, it offers an excellent grip to the hands of the players. However, it is a quite pricey shaft buy you will surely not regret investing your money in it.

Maverik Caliber Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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Maverik Caliber Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Intermediate and advanced players should use this Maverik Caliber Defense lacrosse shaft. This shaft is a robust yet lightweight at the same time. However, this shaft comes with a quite hefty price tag. The excellent construction with Scandium and Titanium makes this shaft highly sturdy and durable.

Moreover, this shaft is quite thinner than other shafts available that help to increase the grip.

Maverik A1 Goalie Shaft

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The Maverik A1 Goalie Shaft offers a quite loose grip than other shafts. Many advanced level lacrosse goalies have found it a very light-feel shaft. Thus, players prefer the Maverik A1 Goalie shaft made with the best technology.

Moreover, there are no flashy design and colors on this shaft. So, if you want a highly professional shaft for your advanced lacrosse practice and competition, then this is the best option.

Warrior Krpytolye 11 Goalie Shaft

Warrior Kryptolyte 11 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft (Navy)
  • Proven performance shafts that have set the standard in the industry.
  • Rounded eddge ye shape naturally fits into your hands for a comfortable feel on your stick.
  • Kryptolyte grade alloy material makes it that most popular all-arounf shaft in our line.
  • Clean and simple "Circle W" graphics.

Last update on 2021-11-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This Warrior Kryptolye 11 Goalie Shaft is stronger and lighter than the previous series of the Warrior. KPro superlight alloy material used in the construction of this lacrosse shaft makes it highly sturdy and durable. Moreover, the ne cut-through graphics designs have enhanced its overall look. 


Hope you find this guide helpful, and you will choose the right shaft according to your needs and skills. Just remember to select the shaft according to your playing level and budget as well.

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