Buyers Guide to Buy Best Lacrosse Bags and BackPacks of 2020

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Lacrosse bag is essential for all lacrosse players to keep and organize their gear safely. Every lacrosse player has to ensure the protection of his lacrosse equipment so that they do not get misplaced or lost.

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Thus, choosing a good-quality lacrosse bag is highly essential for every lacrosse player. We are here trying to make your bag selection process easier by reviewing some best bags and backpacks of this year. 

A regular and professional lacrosse player is aware of trouble of carrying and managing all lacrosse equipment.

Thus, it is vital to choose a good lacrosse bag that can help to eliminate all inconvenience of handling equipment. 

There are many different types of bags specifically made for boys and girls. Girls lacrosse bags come with stickle holders and usually smaller in size.

On the other hand, boys and goalies bags are larger as they use more equipment. Moreover, big lacrosse bag brands also offer personalized bags that come with wheels.

Many high-end lacrosse bags are made with water-resistant canvas so that players can carry the bag easily during bad weather. Lacrosse bags and backpacks come in many different colours and organization styles. 

Check out below the top-rated best bags and backpacks of 2019. We have reviewed top lacrosse bags and backpacks for players who are looking forward to buying bags. 

3 Types of Lacrosse Bags

  • Full-Sized Lacrosse Bags 
  • Girls Lacrosse Bags
  • Lacrosse Backpacks

You can buy any bag according to your style preference and personal choice. However, many lacrosse teams buy similar bags to create a good team match.

It is essential that you choose a bag made from high-quality and waterproof material. The waterproof material of a pack will ensure that your valuable equipment will stay dry under any weather condition.

All good lacrosse brands manufacture bags with waterproof-lined polyester. Plus, lacrosse bags are available in many different colours and styles.

Why should I purchase a full-sized lax bag?

If you carry your lacrosse equipment during travel, then it is better to buy a full-size lax bag. You can also keep your clothes and other essential items in a big bag when travelling.

If you are a girl lacrosse player, then choose a stick bag or backpack. Girls usually do not use much equipment like boys, so a stick bag works fine for them. 

If you are looking for a stylish and trendy bag, then you should choose a Scout lacrosse bag. Most of the Scout lacrosse bags come in various attractive colour combinations and offer more durability than other bags.

The Top-Rated Lacrosse Backpacks for Boys and Girls

There is a massive difference between lacrosse ball bags and full-sized bags. The wearing style of lacrosse ball bags and backpacks is quite different from full-sized bags and stick bags. 

There are numerous styles of bags available, and you can choose anyone according to your requirements.

STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Backpack

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The STX Lacrosse SideWinder backpack is a highly preferred backpack among lacrosse players. Notably, players who always choose STX for equipment, they appreciate this bag a lot. The best feature of this striking bag is that it includes a separate shoe compartment. You can always keep your valuable gear neat and clean by storing your dirty and muddy cleats in a separate storage section of this STX lacrosse backpack. Moreover, this bag also includes a stick holder and another separate pocket for storing your water bottle securely. The STX lacrosse backpack is trendy and has become the first choice of many lacrosse players.

Brine Lacrosse Jetpack Backpack

Brine Lacrosse Jetpack
  • Pockets: 1 interior slip, 1 interior zip, 5 exterior;Includes umbrella

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If you are one of those players who do not like to carry big size bags and backpacks, then Brine lacrosse Jetpack backpack is best for you. You can easily store many gears in this small-sized backpack and comfortably take it anywhere. Many buyers have reviewed that they can store much equipment in this backpack and still left with spare space for keeping clothes and accessories. This fantastic backpack also includes a holder on the outside for storing your stick safely. Both girls and boys can use this bag to store their equipment.

Harrow Lacrosse Gear Pack Backpack

Harrow Elite Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack
  • Perfect for any multi-sport athlete on the go
  • Features 3 large zipper compartments and a cushioned mesh backing
  • Can be comfortably stored all of your gear
  • 12" Width X 11" Depth x 18" Length
  • Multiple Color Options

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The Harrow Elite Lacrosse backpack is another high-quality and utterly functional bag. This handy bag includes multiple compartments so that you can keep your equipment and clothes separately and neatly. Girls and boys can easily store and organize their all gears in this highly functional bag. Moreover, this bag also includes a stick holder that brings more convenience to the players. The best thing about this bag is that it is available in many different colours.

Under Armour Lacrosse Backpack

Under Armour 2 Stick Water Resistant Lacrosse Equipment Gear Backpack Bag, Black
  • Securely holds 2 sticks
  • Removable panel let's you swap in a personalized panel (sold separately)
  • Reinforced handle and shoulder straps you can rely on
  • PTH valuables compartment for your phone, wallet, watch, keys, and more
  • Quick-access side pockets for water bottles and other essential gear

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The Under Armour Lacrosse backpack is a very well-appreciated and fashionable bag among the lacrosse players. The fantastic bag is designed with a large spacious interior so that the players can easily store equipment. The Under Armour backpack is available in many different colours. Moreover, this backpack comes with a very economical price tag.

Top Full-Sized Lacrosse Gear Bags

The full-sized bags are designed to stores a large number of equipment’s and other essential accessories. Full-sized lacrosse bags offer convenient organization of gear in their multiple compartments, pockets, and straps. Boys and goalies mostly use these large bags. You can easily carry your helmet, cleats, gloves, chest protector and other essential wear in a full-sized lacrosse bag. Many professional players use full-size bags.

STX Challenger Lacrosse Bag

STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag
  • Outside sleeve holds multiple sticks
  • Large main compartment designed to fit all gear
  • Small accessories pocket

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The STX lacrosse is a top-rated and highly preferred bag by the lacrosse players. This utterly functional bag is available in two different sizes, the 36″ and the 42″. You can easily carry this bag without feeling much load on your back and shoulders as it comes with a shoulder sling and hand straps. This bag is beneficial in keeping your all gear and clothes neat and clean as it includes an outer pocket. Thus, you can store your muddy stick in that external pocket after your lacrosse practice. If you are a high-level player or a goalie, then this bag is a must-have for your needs. Moreover, you can easily rely on the quality of this bag as it has a high image in the market and among buyers for its high level of durability.

Warrior Black Hole Shorty Lacrosse Bag

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The Warrior lacrosse bag is the most popular bag among all other packs of this well-recognized brand. The length of this bag is 42″ which makes it a quite big lacrosse bag. Moreover, this bag is very smartly designed by its manufacturers to keep all stuff clean and dry separately in the bag. The numerous pockets included in this bag make it easy for the players to store dirty clothes separately from the equipment. You can easily store multiple sticks and other essential items in this bag. The durability and toughness of this bag make it highly reliable bag among all other lacrosse bags available in the market.

Maverik 365 Lacrosse Gear Bag

Maverik Lacrosse 365 Gear Bag
  • Vented stink lockers for your strongest days
  • Wet/dry/completely muddy storage pockets
  • With the built in stick holder, the 365 is the toolbox you reach for when there's work to be done

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The Maverik 365 lax bag is another highly durable and dependable bag that comes with ample space. This bag also includes a vented pocket so that you can store its separately after practice. Moreover, you can also keep your dirty and muddy cleats in the separate compartment of this bag. Plus, the Maverik offers many colours options such as blue, white, and red.

Maverik Monster Lacrosse Bag

Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag
  • Lacrosse Team bag
  • Heavy duty construction with reinforced handles
  • Marine grade zippers

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The Maverik Monster lacrosse bag offers excellent space for storing many gears but still takes less space. Many players prefer this lacrosse bag as it is available in various colours. Maverik is a brand that is well-recognized for manufacturing lacrosse team bags. If you are looking for an affordable bag that can offer your good room for storing extra stuff, then this bag is a must-have for you.

Champion Sports Lacrosse Gear Bag

Champion Sports Lacrosse
  • DELUXE SIZE: Champion Sports Equipment Lacrosse Bag is the largest lacrosse bag on the market, measuring 44 inches long, 15 inches wide and 13 inches high; no other brand offers comparable model
  • EASILY STORES ALL EQUIPMENT: Huge main compartment is big enough to store all of your lacrosse equipment, including stick, padding, helmet, goggles, gloves, mouthpiece, tape, clothing and extra balls
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Lacrosse bag made of heavy-duty, top quality nylon with a waterproof bottom lined with polyester, as well as mesh and ventilated side pockets to hold damp items after play
  • FULL-LENGTH STICK COMPARTMENT: Extra long 44 inch length allows for easy storage and transportation of almost all full length sticks, including all youth and women's sizes and most men's sizes
  • COMFORTABLE AND APPEALING DESIGN: Waterproof bottom with both an easy carrying strap and adjustable padded sling shoulder strap; detachable side pocket allows for simple embroidery or screen printing

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The Champion Sports lacrosse gear bag is designed to store multiple lacrosse sticks. This bag has a large inner pocket where you can keep your all essential stuff. The best feature of this bag is that it includes a stuff bottom that helps in avoiding the sag. This Champion Sports lacrosse bag also includes many pockets so that players can store their muddy cleats separate from clothes and gear.

Best Girls Lacrosse Stick Bags for Sale

The girls’ lacrosse stick bags come mostly in smaller sizes. Girls lacrosse bags are always lightweight so that girls can carry and transport the bags easily and comfortably. Most of the girls use lacrosse bags to keep their clothes, goggles, and mouth guards. There are many girls lacrosse bags which comes with extra pockets to separately keep mouth guards and clothes.

STX Essential Girls Lacrosse Stick Bag

Brine Women's Classic Stick Bag
  • Inner mesh pocket for goggles
  • Durable moisture-resistant liner
  • Dimensions 44" length

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The classically designed Brine Classic Girls lacrosse stick bag is another best bag available in the market. This bag is lovely as it features a very sleek look. You can store all essential items in this bag, and it will still look very stylish. This classic bag has received all great reviews from the buyers. Plus, Brine offers this elegant bag in various colours.

 Debeer Lacrosse Girls Stick Bag

Debeer Lacrosse FLUSB Bag (42-Length x 4-Width x 8-Height-Inch)
  • 42"L x 4"W x 8"H
  • External goggle pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Printed deBeer logo on the side
  • Black

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The Debeer Lacrosse Girls stick bag is much like the STX and Brine bags. You can keep your goggles and mouth guard separate from sticks in this bag as it includes additional pockets. Moreover, the price of this functional bag is also very affordable. Plus, you can buy this bag in any colour of your choice as it is available in a variety of attractive colours.

STX Mesh Lacrosse Ball Bag

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The STX Mesh lacrosse ball bag is perfect for both boys and girls. You can easily store 24 lacrosse balls in this bag and carry it easily anywhere. Moreover, this bag offers a convenient way to closing the bag as it includes a cinch drawstring.


Choosing a right and durable lacrosse bag is essential for both girls and boys lacrosse players. Thus, choose the right pack by comparing all the bags carefully.

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