Wooden Lacrosse Sticks Vs. Carbon Vs. Titanium

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The quality of your lacrosse stick depends a lot on the type of material used. Lacrosse sticks come in different materials such as metal, carbon fiber, and wood.

Every lacrosse player needs to select a lacrosse stick carefully by considering some essential factors.

Players at beginner and intermediate level need different kinds of lacrosse sticks. On the other hand, advanced players need to use lacrosse sticks made of different material.

Mostly advanced lacrosse players use lightweight sticks with a broadhead. Each type of stick comes with its advantages and disadvantages.However, the strength of the stick matters for ensuring its high durability.

Here in this guide, we have reviewed the best and top-rated lacrosse sticks of 2019:

Bamboo or Wooden Lacrosse Sticks

Wooden lacrosse sticks are successfully thriving in the market from a very long time. Wooden bats are great for playing lacrosse, and they bring outstanding results. However, wooden shafts are not perfect for offensive or attackman players. 

Burd Wood Defense and Attack Shaft

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Burd lacrosse is well-recognized for offering high-quality wooden lacrosse sticks. A Burd wood defense or attack shaft is the best shaft that lacrosse players can buy at present. Moreover, the Burd lacrosse sticks come with one year warranty.


Long-Lasting – Wooden lacrosse sticks are highly durable and stay like new for many years to come.

Wooden shafts are stronger and offer excellent stability to the players. 

Stronger Checks – Wooden sticks are highly preferred by the defender because they provide stronger checks.

Wooden lacrosse sticks are heavy, and that makes them perfect for making a harder check on attackman. 

Intimidation Effect – Wooden lacrosse sticks gives players a very stylish and boss-like look. Thus, if you want to make a style statement then choose wooden shaft. Plus, if you are going to command a game, then a wood stick will increase your effectiveness.


Grip – Wooden lacrosse sticks don’t possess the same grip qualities as traditional carbon fiber lacrosse shafts do.Having a firm grip is vital if you want to remain ahead.

The grip of wooden shafts is not as stronger and comfortable as traditional carbon fiber shafts. 

Warping – Wood does not work well with water or moisture. Therefore, a wooden shaft will warp after getting in contact with water. 

Heavy Weight – Wooden lacrosse shafts are quite heavy, and that makes them uncomfortable for the players. Heavyweight is a severe problem with the wooden shafts as not every player can play well with the heavy-weight shaft. 

If you well-built, healthy body then you can go for wooden lacrosse. But wooden shafts are not flexible, and thus they are not for those who want more flexibility.

Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts

The carbon fiber lacrosse shafts have become famous from the past few years. A large number of lacrosse players now use carbon fiber shafts. Plus, these shafts are very lightweight and thus highly used by attackman and offensive players. The best carbon fiber shaft is Dragonfly lacrosse shaft launched by Epoch.

Advanced engineering process made the Dragonfly shaft more durable and flexible. Plus, this shaft also offers excellent grip due to high-quality coating.

The Best Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft:

The Dragonfly shaft is the best shaft available in 2019, and we highly recommend this shaft to the lacrosse players. This shaft will surely allow you to perform at your best during championship and training. 

Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight 30" Attack Lacrosse Shaft
  • Our exclusive Surface Veil Technology is engineered to increase the overall toughness of the Dragonfly Eight
  • Our proprietary 12K Intelligent Weave Technology is designed to stabilize the hands and push energy towards the head of the stick when passing or shooting
  • Uniform Release provides a consistent flex profile throughout the top 2/3 of the shaft regardless of a player’s hand positioning
  • We achieve flex by manipulating the orientation of the carbon fiber. Our shaft’s bend when you need it to, but retains its firmness for maximum control. Conventional shafts that tout flex often use...
  • Intelligent Weave allows for a more uniform construction as the carbon filaments in each tow (row) are spread out creating a thinner and more closed woven fabric providing reduced weight, optimal...

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Lightweight – Carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are very lightweight that helps the players to play with more focus. Lightweight shafts make the lacrosse players free from the burden of excess weight.

Flexibility – The lacrosse players can gain the maximum flexibility in their game with the help of carbon shaft. Higher flexibility allows the players to shoot faster and play their sport with more ease.

Strength – Carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are stable and not at all massive. High strength makes the carbon fiber shafts highly durable.

Grip – The grip of carbon fiber shafts is also firm than other materials. Moreover, carbon fiber shafts come in many textures and grips that make them highly versatile.


Too Light – The weight of the carbon fiber shaft is very less, and some players do not prefer using lightest shafts. Thus, carbon fiber shafts do not work well for players who prefer medium weight. 

Durability – Carbon fiber shafts are quite less durable than other materials, and they can break on a cross-check. 

Carbon fiber is an excellent material for making lightweight and durable lacrosse shafts. Playesrs can achieve the best performance and flexibility with a high-quality carbon fiber shaft. 

The best carbon shaft in the market is ECG shaft which many players use. 

Metal Alloys: Titanium & Scandium Lacrosse Shafts

Maverik Apollo shaft is the best and high-quality attack shaft that you can buy to get the best results. Plus, Epoch Gen6 Limited Edition is the best defense shaft that is we highly recommend to the lacrosse players. Metal is a highly robust material used in making many lacrosse shafts. Most of the metal lacrosse shafts manufactured with a combination of three metals which are titanium, scandium, and aluminum. 

However, the titanium and scandium shafts are quite expensive than others. A high-quality titanium shaft will help you to improve your lacrosse performance more effectively.

The Best Metal Lacrosse Shaft You Can Buy

Maverik Apollo shaft is the best and high-quality attack shaft that you can buy to get the best results. Plus, Epoch Gen6 Limited Edition is the best defense shaft that is we highly recommend to the lacrosse players.

Epoch Lacrosse 6th Generation Dragonfly Women's Shaft | Carbon Fiber | Concave Geometry | WC32 Flex IQ 6
  • Defend your half of the field with a solid grip for stability and stance. Our concave design provides this for the midfielder and defensive player. The WC32 is perfectly balanced for controlling the...
  • The key to the Gen.6 Dragonfly is our Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL). The Dragonfly consists of very thin composite layers arranged in many different orientations. The torque box is located deep in...
  • The torque box is specifically centered on the key areas along the length of the shaft, just above the bottom hand and just below the top of the shaft. This places the technology in critical areas...
  • This shaft has a Flex IQ of 6 giving it a perfect blend of bendability. It also has a uniform release point and comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • When passing or shooting, a load is introduced to the shaft causing it to flex back, which causes the carbon fibers to be stretched along the front of the shaft and compressed along the back. Reload...

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Pros of Buying a Scandium and Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

Strength – Titanium is a solid material and thus makes the shaft stronger as well. 

Lightweight – Titanium shafts are very lightweight that helps the players to play the game with more ease and flexibility.


Wood, carbon fiber, and metal all are excellent materials used in making lacrosse shafts. Players should choose the shaft according to their need for flexibility and their body strength.

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